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Who Are We & What do we do?

That's My Story is a platform to provide all those mavericks whose stories go unnoticed due to whatever reason, but who are making an indelible imprint on the annals of time, a chance to share. We may not know them as yet, but that doesn't make them invisible and they still continue to deliver and make an impact on things in and around them in whatever and whichever way possible!

You could be a teacher, a homemaker, a founder, a social entrepreneur, a pariah of the society, a student who defies the norms, a professional who wants merit to define his success, or anyone else who has something to share with others and inspire their fellow humans, tell them that they aren't alone to think differently, do differently and be proud of who they are!

That's my story applauds all of you, unpolished gems, in your own unique ways and would be proud to put the spotlight on you all. Come and share your stories with us, through us, and let us all appreciate, learn from each other, and grow into better beings!

Why Stories?

For ages, we humans have always got inspired by stories. Stories play a crucial role in our life as it's instilled in our upbringing. Stories were traditionally used to inspire, educate, and make us a better version of ourselves. The best examples of this are the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna, Shiva, and many more, who were brought to us in childhood to teach us values, right and wrong. And we still remember them, don't we? That's the power of stories!

Today, in the modern world,  Companies have realized that there is no communication tool more powerful than storytelling. Stories are being used to market products, brands, services, or yourself!
Context is still the same, to inspire, educate, to drive action, to learn from each other, and be better at what we do.

In the same way, your life journey is in itself a story with all the key elements to propel the community to get inspired from your achievements and hard-work, learn from your struggles and hardships you have gone through in this journey, know the real person behind the highlight reel, and most importantly, appreciate your walk of life!

Thus, we would like to invite you to share your story and give your fellow humans another story and a character to learn from, take inspiration, and make it a part of their repertoire of stories to look up to and re-share.

If this inspires you to share yours, click below to get started!